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Another commit - 2023

Published: at 21:22

A week ago, I received the domain renewal notification for (price = $39.16/£32.61 if you are interested). Only then I remembered that I had re-established my blog last year, thinking about writing more about life and work.

Instead of coming up with content, I spend quite some time trying out different new static site generators.


I always come back and try Hugo because of its extensions and themes. Strangely, it takes a few seconds to generate a page in dev mode. I must have done something wrong; but I don’t bother to dig into it. So nah.


I used Tailwind Nextjs Starter Blog by timlrx in 2022, thinking I would style the blog myself. Apparently it didn’t happen. I was trying to merge additional changes to my branch; but there’re too many conflicts that I thought it might be easier to just restart.


Now I am settled with AstroPaper by satnaing. Simple, easy and aesthetically pleasing - recently got into loving mono fonts. Also, the rendering and development is so much faster and easier than other frameworks. I am planning to stick with it until I find any reason to switch (or another fancy framework coming up - having my eyes on Remix at the moment).

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